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When in Anchorage: Cool Things to Do, Sights to See

posted by: Louise Savoie in: Anchorage

Up for an adventure in Anchorage? Here are the best things to do when you visit the land of scenic views and abundant natural resources: Seafood Alaska is known of its impressive supply of salmon, Dungeness crab, halibut, shellfish, and

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Home Selling Tips for Pet Owners

  The Best Home Selling Tips for Pet Owners   Image courtesy of Pixabay   Let’s face it, even though Fido and Fifi are important members of your family, potential home buyers can be put off by their evidence.  Not

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foreclosure laws in alaska

Foreclosure Laws in Alaska

Homeowners in Alaska should always be aware of the foreclosure laws in Alaska and how to prevent such occurrences from happening. In Alaska, the most common type of procedure of foreclosure is non-judicial.  This means that the process of foreclosure

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Moving In To Your New Home in Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska became a part of the United States in 1959, and it is the largest, most sparsely populated state in the country. For many, visiting Alaska means the opportunity to explore vast expanses of untouched wilderness, wide-open spaces, abundant wildlife

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The Top 15 Must-See Spots in Anchorage: An Introduction to Alaska (Part 2)

Discover Anchorage with its rich history, impressive wildlife and rich culture. There is certainly something for every visitor! In part 2 of our top 15 must-see spots in Anchorage, we are continuing on with the final top 8 locations: (If

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The Top 15 Must-See Spots in Anchorage: An Introduction to Alaska (Part 1)

If you find yourself journeying through beautiful Alaska, Anchorage is a stop you’ll want to make! Anchorage is the largest town in Alaska, and visiting tourists love to explore its many inland tourist attractions and excursions! Add a stop to

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Merry Christmas from John Collinge at Amazing Alaska Homes

Merry Christmas! As you gather with friends and family to celebrate this special day, I hope your time is filled with moments of love and laughter.  Through generosity, kindness and fellowship we bring a joyful end to 2015, and start

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Tips for Buying a Luxury Home

Tips for Buying a Luxury Home Do your research Begin by checking out the market online to get an idea of what you do and do not want. Online research is a great starting point. However, keep in mind that

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Living in Anchorage: An Overview

Living in Anchorage: An Overview   Anchorage, a place where people play and work hard. Entrepreneurship is loved and sought by many. Opportunities are plenty.Anchorage is a small city but it is a big economic contender in oil, transportation, shipping

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Part 1: Anchorage: Where to Eat?

Part 1: Anchorage: Where to Eat?   Anchorage’s dining scene has been on the rise for the past several years. It offers up plenty of worldly flavors thanks to the city’s ethnic diversity. In addition, local favorites add must try

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